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TrekCore verlost seltene Fotos der DS9-Crew und Tribbles vom Set!

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    TrekCore verlost seltene Fotos der DS9-Crew und Tribbles vom Set!

    Hallo, ich dachte das würde euch vielleicht interessieren. Ich habe auf Youtube eine PN von trekcore bekommen:

    Hello, this is Michael Broadhead - one of the webmasters of You are currently a subscriber to our channel ("TrekCore"), which has the largest number of Star Trek videos of any YouTube Channel.

    If you discovered us via YouTube, you may not be aware that our videos are also hosted on the website TrekCore Star Trek Multimedia Screencaps and Information! and available for download there. Additionally, our website is the ONLY website on the internet to have DVD screencaps of EVERY episode and movie of Star Trek - totaling several hundred thousand images. We also have very detailed episode guides, multimedia downloads, and Star Trek game guides.

    The reason I am writing is not only ensure you know about our site, but also to ask for your support during our yearly fundraiser, which has just started. Our site is completely free to everyone and made by volunteers. We do not burden the pages with ads and rely on visitor donations to pay for our hosting (which we keep very very low for a site of our size).

    Content wise, we continue to add to TrekCore all the time. From the on-going expansion of Next Generation audio caps, to a plethora of new and mostly high quality publicity stills from Next Generation and Voyager, to future projects like Blu-Ray High-Def screen captures of all the Trek films, which will begin as soon as they're available in May and our on-going coverage of Star Trek XI, it's always busy at TrekCore!

    Our monthly specials also continue, like our Autograph Contest sponsored by Creation Entertainment -- this month a Janeway and Sulu autographed photo from "Flashback" is up for grabs! -- to our fan favorite "Rare Photo" specials, and our latest creation, "Ultimately Human" which gives us a look at the actors minus costume and make-up.

    We've partnered with Hollywood photographer Michael Grecco to offer trek fans some rare photographic prints of the cast of Star Trek: Deep Space 9. Starting March 13th, folks will also have the chance to bid on six screen used tribbles from "Trials and Tribble-ations" that Grecco acquired on-set! Every cent TrekCore receives goes 100% towards site operations -- not one penny goes anywhere else. We even outline our costs for one and all to provide total transparency and honesty.

    All of the details are outlined here for one and all:

    Please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested in the Tribbles or in helping our site in any way.

    Thank you for your time,

    Michael Broadhead
    Klingt doch recht gut, oder?

    EDIT: Scheint keiner Tribbles zu mögen
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