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Releasedatum für Vice City [PC] !

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  • Releasedatum für Vice City [PC] !

    hi, habe soeben den rockstar newsletter bekommen.


    As the entire PC game-playing world patiently awaits being sated by the sights, sounds, and action-packed delights of Vice City, we present an advance look into this gloriously enhanced Personal Computer edition. All the gameplay and epic presentation that made Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the critics' and people's favorite in 2002, built from the ground up for the PC, and stuffed with new features like player skinning, customizable radio station, gameplay sequence replay, and more.
    Now, that's excess.

    The Vice City official site has been updated, now including a dedicated PC version section with screenshots, system specs, preorder and webring links, and more details.
    Look for Vice City PC to hit stores May 14, 2003.

    Currently flying off shelves like a NOS'ed up rice rocket on dry, southern Californian pavement, the new people's choice of next-gen racer also continues to garner vast critical praise. Joining the consensus of OPM, Game Informer and Gamesmaster, we see strictly 9's and up from the likes of...
    das relase ist sicher nur für America, aber immerhin mal ein anfang...
    hoffentlich kommts in D überhaupt raus

    systemvorraussetzungen empfohlen:
    Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP Proccessor
    256(+) MB of RAM
    16 speed CD / DVD Drive
    1,55 GB free of hard disk space
    (+ 635 MB wenn die graka die DirectX compressionsverfahren nicht unterstützt)
    64(+) MB video card with DirectX compatible drivers (geforce3 oder radeon 8500 or better)
    DirectX compatible sound card with surround sound
    Keyboard and Mouse
    Win98/98SE/ME/2000 with service pack 3/XP with service pack 1
    DirectX 9.0

    ist also eines der ersten games das directX 9 vorraussetzt oder?

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    Das ist doch mal ein Wort.

    Zu beachten ist auch: Win98/98SE/ME/2000 with service pack 3/XP with service pack 1

    Da werden ein paar Leute, die illegale Windows Versionen einsetzten, kleinere Probleme haben. Weil nicht jeder hat sich ne gecrackte SPI1 heruntergeladen. Shit happens. Die Armen Raubkopierer