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  • !!!wichtig!!!

    vieleicht kennt ihr die news oder auch nicht

    Hi all.

    You might remember that a while back there was some discussion about the scripting tools for Armada II?

    People were understandably interested, and we didn't forget about it. I have been in touch with somebody that was involved with Legacy. They gave me an interesting bit of information. Apparently the tools that were under discussion were basically similar to the Legacy tools (as Legacy and A2 are based on the same engine they are to quote "99.9% similar" )

    Unfortunately for everybody interested in the tools Mad Doc's internal scripting tools are not in a publicly releasable shape at the moment. Mad Doc seem to be willing to do the coding work to get those tools to a releasable standard (as so long as Bethesda authorises it so they can get paid for the work) but Bethesda don't seem to think there is any interest in the scripting tools. My contact believes that if people express an interest (post on Bethesda's forums and email them about it) then there is quite a good chance that they will give serious consideration to releasing the scripting tools for Legacy.

    Obviously, as the tools for A2 are so similar to Legacy's (what with Legacy being built over A2 and all) anything released for Legacy would be of benefit to to the A2 community as well as it would be pretty interchangeable.

    So basicially, if you want to see the tools then you have to let Bethesda that they are wanted.
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    Kann das ma einer übersetzen - mein Wortschatz in Englich harkt hier an einen stellen tüchtig aus....


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      kurz und bündig: Die Script tools gibts nur Intern, und Bethesda will erst gewissheit haben dass sie ned umsonst released werden. Darum solln sich wohl ein paar leute bei der firma melden bevor sie sich die mühe machen


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        Na dann werdsch ma - ich möchte sie!!