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Was ich mir von SciFi wünsche

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  • Was ich mir von SciFi wünsche

    Hallo allerseits,

    da ich nicht der Deutschen Sprache sehr mächtig bin (Obwohl ich Deutsch bin, ja ich weiss, peinlich) schreibe ich hier einfach mal in meiner Hauptsprache. Da ihr alle SciFi fans seit, gehe ich einfach davon aus, ihr versteht sie.

    So greetings once more everyone!

    I have been a member of Premiere since April last year and was delighted to see a SciFi channel available there. I am a huge fan of the SciFi genre and even have a half-way decent book in the works (no this is not going to be a please make my book a film question... stuff etc.).

    A lot of stuff on Premiere is shown in more than one language. Now I am not sure as to how the financing of this channel goes, and I am not going to presume to know, but I thought, since Premiere lost out on the Football deal, there is like a few million euros to spend.

    One of the things that motivated me to regularly watch SciFi was when FARSCAPE was running. Not because it was running, but because it was running in dual language. English and German. Unfortunately a lot of the shows on SciFi only run in German. I know it is a German channel but seriously, some of the translation of films is beyond terrible and it would be fantastic to have more than one language to choose from. I am going to assume this is going to bring additional costs in licencing at some stage. However it would be nice to actually just have that choice.

    Am I also correct in assuming that is part of the SciFi channel network? IE. the one that comes out of America? Would it not be prudent to have some updated SciFi series, SciFi specials, Mini Series as shown in the US? Stuff like Battlestar Galactica, now in its second season, "The Triangle" a fantastic Mini Series, Surface, SG1 Season 9, Atlantis Season 2 etc? That is only assuming you are part of the same network, spread across an international market. SciFi is pay-tv after all and well, its just a suggestion.

    If someone official could get back to me, that would be great. If someone "in the know" could get back to me, that would be great as well.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    1.) Despite its name this isn't the official SciFi Channel forum

    2.) The German SciFi Channel does not belong to Premiere. It's merely marketed and broadcast in the Premiere package.

    But financially and administratively it belongs to NBC Germany which belongs to NBC/Universal which also owns the US SciFi Channel.
    Therefore it's a very small channel and they just don't have the financial muscle to buy lots of brand new series. Let alone broadcast them in several languages.
    I wished it were different too.

    As for why they don't have easier access to SciFi channel productions and their specials? That's beyond me as well

    Your alternative is getting the Premiere movie package, although that's a lot more expensive. Premiere is building up "Premiere 4" to a TV show channel, and in regards to science fiction they have The 4400 and Battlestar Galactica (just started the second season there). All in anamorphic widescreen, higher bitrate than SciFi and in Englisch too.
    Other shows there include Medium, Nip/Tuck, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Rome, Lost, Desperate Housewives, or Over There.
    But as said it's a whole channel package and somewhat expensive
    "Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway" - Lee Adama, Scar
    Throughout history the nexus between man and machine has spun some of the most dramatic, compelling and entertaining fiction." - The Hybrid, The Passage


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      Oh I got the entire Premiere thingy. Premiere Komplett, so I do watch what is on in English. Hard to watch stuff in me original language here in germany. The emphasis seems to be on the more "eastern" languages for digital TV instead of offering series, movies, documentaries in the "The way it is meant to be seen" style... ie. in its original language. But anyhow, thank you for the information and curse not having an official forum on what seems to be an official webpage


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        Yeah, their website links here, because there was some kind of agreement between the admins here and the SFC site admin.
        But it's not like anyone there actually reads this
        "Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway" - Lee Adama, Scar
        Throughout history the nexus between man and machine has spun some of the most dramatic, compelling and entertaining fiction." - The Hybrid, The Passage