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Neues Nebenprojekt bei Trekunited

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  • Neues Nebenprojekt bei Trekunited

    Am Wochenende wurde ein neues Projekt bei TU ins Leben gerufen, das "Space Project".
    Inspiriert von dem Chat mit den anonymen Spendern, welche in der Raumfahrtindustrie tätig sind, ziehlt dieses Projekt darauf ab, Verbindungen zur Raumfahrtindustrie zu knüpfen und bereits bestehende zu verstärken.

    Hier mal die Originalbeschreibung:
    TrekUnited is launching yet another effort to reach its goal to save Star Trek and Star Trek: Enterprise: the TrekUnited Space Project, which aims to build upon the decade-old relationship between Star Trek and space organizations to keep alive this inspiration for generations of scientists, engineers and astronauts.

    For four decades, Star Trek and the human venture into deep space have positively influenced each other. Even before Man walked "one small step" on the moon for the first time, Star Trek depicted a colourful, bright future of spirited pioneers working together to explore the stars, boldly going where no one has gone before. In the late 1970s, the first human space shuttle ever was christened aptly, USS Enterprise. Twenty years later, Star Trek: Voyager picked its ship's name from the successful NASA space probes.

    During this time, hundreds of people working in the business have cited Star Trek as their main reason for pursuing a space-related career. They are working for the public space program, pursuing a scientific career at universities and observatories, or moving forward projects in the commercial space flight industry, including the launch of two new spacecrafts -- the VSS Enterprise and the VSS Voyager by Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. And Star Trek has continued to tell stories about the exploration of space and the human condition, in four spin-offs, ten movies, in hundreds of novels and fan works.

    Star Trek and space organizations - they are in the same business, sharing a vision of humanity advancing beyond the final frontier, extending the own knowledge, gaining a new understanding for the world around us. It is a vision of hope, of people uniting to realize their dreams of a better future.

    Unfortunately, times have changed. In a more money-driven, cynical society, space exploration is being regarded as a pointless extravaganza by many people who have stopped dreaming. And the latest Star Trek series, Enterprise, has been cancelled due to financial considerations only. Will there be a Star Trek in the future? Perhaps, but apart from its name, most likely it won't have much in common with what makes Star Trek so special in a genre that is marked by dystopian, vision-less works these days.

    Now, it is a time for both Star Trek and space organizations to build upon their unique bond, to use it to help each other thrive for many generations to come.

    Now, it is a time to reach out to institutions and corporations, to astronauts, astronomers and space-related websites on the net to ask them for their support to keep alive the one saga that has shaped the human venture into deep space like no other show.

    If you can help us as someone being involved in the space sector, have connections or wish to support us with your ideas, letters and more, please head over to the dedicated Space Project forum @ TrekUnited BBS!

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    Mehr aber nicht, oder? (Hab jetzt nicht alles durchgelesen)

    Es wird nicht Geld in die Raumfahrtindustrie gesteckt, oder? Das würde ich nämlich nicht mehr unterstützen.
    Tu erst das Notwendige, dann das Mögliche, und plötzlich schaffst du das Unmögliche. (Franz von Assisi; 1181 od. 82 - 1226)


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      Zitat von Valen
      Mehr aber nicht, oder? (Hab jetzt nicht alles durchgelesen)

      Es wird nicht Geld in die Raumfahrtindustrie gesteckt, oder? Das würde ich nämlich nicht mehr unterstützen.
      Nee...mehr nicht soweit ich weiss. Aber vielleicht kriegt man bestimmte Teile der Raumfahrtindustrie ja dazu die Rechte von ST zu kaufen.
      Laut den anonymen Spendern gab es solche Überlegungen bereits.


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        Nach dem "Cancelling" von ENT strebt man wohl eine Verweigung etwas anderer Art an ^^

        Nun ja, klingt nack keiner wirklichen Unterstützung der Raumfahrt im eigentlichen Sinne ... mal schauen was man sich da so bei trekunited einfallen lässt.
        Einladung zu World of Dungeons