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Are you obsessed with Stargate?

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  • Are you obsessed with Stargate?

    You know you're obsessed with Stargate when...

    1. You can understand all of Sam's techno babble.
    2. You answer questions from friends and family with "indeed".
    3. You say "for crying out loud" when frustrated.
    4. You stand in front of the mirror trying to perfect your one eyebrow arched look.
    5. You know there's a Stargate in your own back garden... but no one else can see it because the Nox's have disguised it for you.
    6. You start talking to everyone in Ancient Egyptian.
    7. You aspire to be an archaeologist and find someone called Daniel.
    8. Talk about Abydos like a holiday destination.
    9. You and your friends can actually integrate various SG-1 Quotes into everyday conversation and still make it sound normal.
    10. You refer to your house as a gate address.
    11. You attack everyone with a deep voice (i.e. Goa'uld).
    12. You start to sound like your favourite character.
    13. You refer to snakes as junior.
    14. You get yourself a goa'uld symbol like Teal'c has on his forehead.
    15. You start to study Astrophysics (like Samantha Carter).
    16. You refuse to write in anything other than hieroglyphics.
    17. You name your dog Murray.
    18. You insist in having an apostrophe in your name.
    19. You refuse to eat Jaffa cakes.
    20. You stand on a round man hole cover and waiting for the rings to appear and takes you off.
    21. You go up to Tony Blair and declare him a False God.
    22. You go up to you front door and text somebody in you family sending SG1 code to open the iris.
    23. You now when you're obsessed when you go up to one of the O's in the Hollywood sign and wait for the blue watery stuff to appear.
    24. You turn your broom into staff-weapon and carry it around the city "shooting" all people you think look like goa'ulds.
    25. The Stargate opening theme tune is the only song on your play list.
    26. You start teaching the 'aliens' about the wizard of Oz.
    27. You refer to everyone by both their names every time.
    28. Your entire computer screen is themed with Stargate references.
    29. You wonder why the police don't use zats all the time.
    30. You write to your MP demanding that we be allowed to use the Stargates, because the government is obviously just hiding them.
    31. You pretend that a subspace bubble has cut you off from the rest of the world, and therefore you can't possibly go to work.
    32. Your entire wardrobe consists of black shirts and green pants.
    33. Every new situation you run into generates some form of "Wizard of Oz" reference OR you say regular sayings but use the literal words EX undomesticated equines instead of wild horses.
    34. You wear your dad's old military clothes and pretend you work at the SGC.
    35. You know the actual words to the Stargate theme.
    36. After watching an episode, you act it out only to include yourself.
    37. You run up your parents credits cards to buy stuff off of eBay to build your own Stargate.
    38. You own a large black cloak and speak with a deep voice.
    39. When you cook, you give them Stargate themed names: Carter crisps, Cha'ppai pie...
    40. When you're in your car, you pretend to be on stakeout with Sam and Daniel.
    41. You constantly carry a TER and do "sweeps" of your house to detect any Reetou.
    42. You hear voices in your head and are convinced it's Urgo.
    43. You keeping looking in the TV Guide for listings of "Wormhole X-Treme."
    44. Watching any show you swear all villains are Goa'ulds.
    45. You call your 'Goa'uld' fish O'Neill and Teal'c.
    46. You keep telling your shrink that you're not schizophrenic, you're a To'kra.
    47. You refer to everyone who has passed away as having "ascended".
    48. You watch anything with Mary Steenburgen because she's "hot".
    49. Every occasion needs cake!
    You know the Unas and Goa'uld larva have cousins from the Outer Limits.
    50. You know more about the characters history than you do about their real lives.
    51. You call your bed "your sarcophagus".
    52. You don't trust doctors, cause you fear they will find out you have a symbiote, and it is why you never get sick.
    53. McGuyver?
    54. Amanda Tapping has a career other than as Sam Carter.
    55. Chris Judge played what sport, and for who?
    56. You look forward to joining the Air Force and joining the SGC.
    57. You spend hours wandering the corridors of Cheyenne Mountain, looking for hidden access to the lower levels, levels that no one seems to know exist, and you insist are there. (Have to have Joined the Air Force to have done this?)
    58. You call your spouse Queen (if female).
    59. You call your friends "your fellow System Lords" (not like they are really your friends but ..).
    60. SG1 theme music is your ringer on your cell phone.
    61. You spend hours working on this damn list of obsessions.
    62. You spend $35 US on a book on the SG1 universe, and not just to play it as a D20 module, but just to own it.
    63. You can name each of the episodes in order and what they story line is.
    64. You own the collect DVDs of the show, all seasons available, and have the latest on back order as soon as they come out.
    65. You paint all the phones in your house red just to pick up and say "Yes Mr. President".
    66. You become entranced by your lava lamp (episode: The Light).
    67. You replace your touch tone phone with an old rotary phone and loudly inform every one when each 'chevron' has locked.
    68. Every time you have a headache you claim you've become a host to a goa'uld.
    69. You name your cat Shrodinger
    70. You refuse to eat any other jello but blue.
    71. You stand at attention when you hear "Cree!"
    72. You know how to spell "Cree!"
    73. You named all the fish in your aquarium after SG-1 members, and when "Daniel" died, you got another and named him Jonas.
    74. You check this site on a regular basis.
    75. You know what the term "SJ" shipper means.
    76. You insist on informing everyone as to the number of consonants in your last name (O'Neill, two l's)
    77. Inspirational quotes from Oma Desala are stuck to your bathroom mirror.
    78. You hiss like a Wraith at anyone who annoys you.
    79. You purchased a top of the line TiVo so you wouldn't miss any episodes.
    80. You yell out Holy Hannah every time your surprised, amazed or shocked by something.
    81. When you want someone's attention you cry out "Cree Jaffa!".
    82. You try to send a message in space with your laser pointer.
    83. You say Sokar in stead of hell.
    84. You don't dare to touch a mirror just in case it's a gateway to another reality.
    85. You designate a newly discovered planet using your initials and birthday.
    86. You watch the most horrific and terrible movies just because a Stargate actor is in it even if only for about 2 minutes.
    87. You refuse open your front door unless the person ringing the doorbell can send in an IDC code.
    88. When your telephone starts ringing you scream out "Close The Iris".
    89. You never leave the house without wearing at least something relating to Stargate e.g.: Dog tags, badge /pin.
    90. You have your own fan-site dedicated to the show(s).
    91. You go fishing in your backyard pond, but it doesn't have any actual fish in it.
    92. You write letters to MGM and the Sci-Fi channel about how mad you are they killed Bob and Steve, the Wraiths.
    93. You become an ambassador to find an end in the need for weapons proliferations by brokering treaties, Just like Dr. Weir.
    94. Whenever you see a plane or jet in the sky you run for cover so that you're not taken by the wraith.
    95. You read SG-1/Atlantis fanfics
    96. You've written at least one SG-1 or Atlantis fanfic.
    97. You write letters to the Sci-Fi channel, Richard Dean Anderson, and MGM about brining back Jack's character to SG-1.
    98. You find yourself strangely attracted to the Wraith.
    99. You put your hair in dreadlocks to look like Ronon.
    100. You claim that nobody else but you can use your laptop/PC because only you have the Ancient (or ATA) Gene needed to activate it.
    101. You believe all Televangelists to be undercover Priors of the Ori.
    102. You download free Ancient and Chevron style fonts onto your PC.
    103. You turn in your homework/report written in one of the two fonts above.
    104. You refer to batteries as Zed PM's, ZPM's, or Zero-Point Modules.
    105. You name your pet/child Thor.
    106. You're caught passing notes written in hieroglyphics, Ancient, or chevrons.
    107. You camouflage yourself and hide in the woods, trying to spot a Nox.
    108. You're convinced your teacher/coach/principal/parent/boss/etc. is a Goa'uld.
    109. Your science fair project, or report, is based on wormhole physics and gate travel.
    110. Instead off sleeping you prefer to meditate.
    111. You get glasses like the ones Daniel Jackson wears, but you don't need glasses.
    112. Every time your computer crashes, or you have a power failure, you blame it on the Replicators.
    113. You build a miniature model of the Daedalus, a Wraith Dart, a Death Glider, a Tel'Tac, an Al'Kesh, a Ha'Tak, an Asgard Beliskner, a Wraith Hive Ship, a Wraith Cruiser, or a Puddle Jumper out of Lego's.
    114. When your son reaches the Age of Prata you insist on him going through with the Prim'tah Ceremony.
    115. When you hear someone say " can we have pie?! " you automatically turn to them and shout " No Urgo we cannot have pie!!! ".
    116. You insist that the pyramids were built by extra-terrestrials as landing platforms for space ships.
    117. When calling the attention of others you say "kree" after everyone's name.
    118. When your head hurts you say you have a "fron-ache."
    119. The word "no" in your vocabulary has been replaced by "ka."
    120. When your friends say they have a headache you ask them if they've been experiencing blackouts and you check for scars on their neck.
    121. When you see animal eyes glowing in the dark you wonder if the goa'uld are attacking.
    122. When you arrive late you blame "time dilation" and you tell people things like, "sorry, I was driving too close to a black hole."
    123.. When you can't understand math questions you defend yourself by saying you only understand base-8 math.
    124. You greet people by saying, "Com-traya!"
    125. When getting a health assessment you ask your doctor to give you an MRI to make sure you don't have a snake in your head.
    126. You forget what Area 51 is supposed to be all about, and instead whisper about the rumours you heard about what they're doing at Area 52
    127. When people talk about the "little green men," you say, "They're CALLED ASGARD. And they're GREY, not GREEN."
    128. When filling out forms you always write that your family physician is Dr. Janet Frasier.
    129. You've scratched the letters off of your computer keyboard and drawn the chevron runes in their place.
    130. When eating breakfast cereal, you insist that you just can't eat any more Fruit Loops.
    131. You say things like, "I'm going to the store to pick up a new ZPM for the DHD," and you wonder why people don't understand you.
    132. You name your cars things like, "The O'Neill" and "The Daniel Jackson" and "Prometheus."
    133. You edit Stargate Wiki pages.
    134. In Latin class you keep getting marked down because you mix up Latin words with their Ancient roots.
    135. You insist that Quantum (or "Kulivrian") Physics is a bunch of rubbish.
    136. You petition the International Society of Chemists to add Naquada to the Periodic Table.
    137. When asked what you do for a living you say, "Deep space radar telemetry."
    138. When hiking you worry not that you might get bitten by a snake, but that one might jump into your head.
    139. You know which Egyptian god you would impersonate if you were a goa'uld.
    140. Every day something happens that prompts you to say to someone, "That reminds me of a Stargate episode . . "

    Definitiv besessen von Stargate...grins
    Und ihr?
    The Storm and the eye...I´ts raining...
    This is John Sheppard...Go ahead!

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    Sehr viele Ja's ^^
    Marcs: "We're ready to go, sir."
    Mitchell: "Alright. Weapons to maximum."
    Marcs: "Sir?"
    Mitchell: "It's a joke Marcs, make it go."


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      Zitat von Serge Beitrag anzeigen
      Sehr viele Ja's ^^
      Es gibt zwei Regeln für Erfolg:

      1.) Teile nicht dein ganzes Wissen


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        OMFG oO Woher kennt der mich ^^


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          Jaaaaaaa..... bloß das mit den Fischen stimmt nicht.... ich nenne mein Meerschwein Marduk. Ist zwar ien Systemlord, der schon tot ist, aber was solls ^^. Ist der Typ, der in nder Folge vorkommt wo SG1 zusammen mit Russen ein einer Pyramide eingeschlossen werden. Und mein Meerschweinchen ist dieses Viech dadrinne ^^.
          Die USA, Frankreich, Russland, Großbritannien und China sind die größten 5 Waffen-Exporteure, und auch die 5 ständigen Mitglieder im UN-Sicherheitsrat.

          Volksbegehren für DS9


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            sehr sehr viele JA's^^ ich glaub ich geh zur airforce^^