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Wer kennt diese SG1 FanFics?

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  • Wer kennt diese SG1 FanFics?


    Kann mir jemand helfen? Ich hatte mir vor etwa 10 Monaten meine Lieblingsfanfics von SG1 auf Disc gespeichert. Dooferweise ist die kaputtgegangen und hat alle Daten gekillt. Seitdem durchforste ich alle mir bekannten größeren Archive auf der Suche nach den Fanfics. Bis heute sind vier davon nicht wieder aufgetaucht. Ich erinnere mich weder an Titel noch Autor. Kommen jemandem die Zusammenfassungen bekannt vor und kann mir jemand sagen, wie die heißen oder wo ich die herkriegen kann?
    Die fics sind alle in Englisch, daher auch meine Zusammenfassungen.

    1. After a mission offworld Jack is being a total a**hole towards Daniel, refuses to help him, pushes him thru the gate on the way back to earth and orders Sam and Teal'c to not talk with Daniel anymore. Nobody knows why, Jack won't tell anyone. Soon Jack "hates" Daniel and is put under arrest at SGC. Sam and Daniel go back to the planet to find the reason for Jack's recent behavior while Teal'c stays with Jack. Sam And Daniel meet a mysterious woman who can create her own event horizons just by waving her hand. We learn that her brother is also very gifted, but evil. Daniel was "touched" by the woman and Jack by the evil brother. The brother's hate towards his sister now is reflected on Daniel by Jack. Shortly after, Daniel is abducted by the brother who tortures him... Back at SGC Jack finally "wakes up" and begs Teal'c and Hammond to let him out. He can't explain his behavior, but wants to help Daniel now. They return to the planet, meet the woman and search for Daniel. They find an old Goa'uld ship and shortly after, the brother with half-dead Daniel. The brother's and his sister's spirits fight and she wins. Jack now is completely free of his influence. They use the Goa'uld ship piloted by Teal'c to get Daniel back to the stargate.

    2. ~kinda short~ Jack's POV, one of SG1's first missions. The mission has gone south and Daniel is hostage ("peace-loving lets-talk-this-over Daniel, the ultimate hostage") of the bad guy alien. Jack has to do the talking. He tells the alien that he would never let him go to earth which causes the alien to shoot Daniel. Sam and Teal'c have to leave the room. Jack tries to reason with the alien, to no avail, while Daniel is slowly bleeding to death. Later Daniel plays possum and Jack is allowed to check on him. Daniel tells Jack to use the alarm of Jack's watch as a distraction. Jack makes a show of taking Daniel's pulse, setting the timer. After a few minutes the alarm goes off and Jack jumps the alien, but struggles. Daniel whacks the alien with a chair. It works.
    Later Jack does some thinking and has to has to make some changes in mind: Don't approach aliens without your gun drawn, don't let him anywhere near the team, especially the one least able to defend himself, do not assume alien weapons fire anything like on earth (Daniel's injury was worse than what they had thought and he would have died earlier than what the alien had said), don't underestimate Daniel. He is tougher than he looks. Jack had thought that if Sha're wouldn't be found soon Daniel would break, but he won't.

    3. ~short fic~ (Sam's POV?) After a mission gone sour Sam sits in the infirmary at Daniel's bedside and waits for him to wake up. He does and they talk a little. Sam tells him how important he is to her and that she loves him (as a friend). They agree on a secret sign (an "L" with a dot behind it shaped with a finger in the air)to be able to show that to each other whenever they want to...

    4. ~kinda short~ (Daniel's POV?) Very early dys of SG1. Daniel feels a little ill, but doesn't want to be kicked off the team or seem like a coward, so he fools Fraiser and goes on the mission. The first night offworld he gets mighty sick and can't even move anymore. SG1 rushes him back to earth, where he recovers. (I think he had caught some children's illness or something you usually have shots for, but they seem to have been missing due to his unusual childhood). Daniel is in trouble for pulling a stunt like that.

    Vielen Dank fürs Lesen, Gruß,

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    da kam man ja auch die Nadel im Heuhauen suchen. Sind das die original Zusammenfassungen, oder hast du die geschrieben?
    Dann wird der Haufen vielleicht etwas kleiner. Und wenn du weisst in welchem Zeitraum sie erschienen sind. Am besten versucht du auch Genre und Rating ungefährfestzustellen. Ob das da jetzt Sex dabei war oder total harmlos ohne ein Schimpfwort wirst du ja noch wissen.
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