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  • Neue Babylon 5-Romane bei zum Vorbestellen

    Sooo, darüber bin ich beim Surfen durch die "Babylon 5"-Bücherecke bei gestolpert. Hierbei handelt es sich um die neue Romanreihe, die vor einer ganzen Weile von Mongoose Publishing (der Firma, die unter Anderem auch das "Call to Arms"-Strategiespiel und das offizielle Rollenspielsystem unterhält) angekündigt und nun nach einiger Verspätung (unter anderem durch einige Quereleien mit JMS) nun im Sommer 2006 (1. Juli bzw. 1. August) erscheinen wird.

    Hier die Liste:

    Ranger Dawning

    Ashes of the Past

    Visions of Peace

    Actions of Many

    Birth of Heroes

    Baptism of Fire

    Letzteres Buch ist von Claudia Christian persönlich verfasst worden und behandelt Ivanovas Abenteuer während der 5. Serienstaffel. Bei einem Suchlauf im Mongoose-Forum war dieses Buch noch unter dem Namen "No Rest for the Wicked" angekündigt. Weiterhin handelt ein anderes der Bücher (ich tippe entweder auf "Birth of Heroes oder "Ashes of the Past") von Deathwalker zur Zeit des Dilgarkrieges. Ferner gibt es noch Pläne, Crusade in einer Buchtrilogie abzuschließen.
    |Meine Babylon-5-FanFic Das Alpha und das Omega|

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    Danke für den Tip!
    Sieht ja sehr vielversprechend aus.

    Was mich noch interessieren würde:
    Weißt du mehr darüber, was das für Querelen mit JMS gewesen sein sollen?
    Gibt es eine Website wo es schon ein paar Infos zum Inhalt der einzelenen Bücher gibt?
    Bei Amazon darf man ja dahingehend nicht viel erwarten.


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      hier die infos zu den jms-problemen

      Mongoose asked me to consult with them, since they are doing just a
      couple of books and as I understand it ONLY for release in the
      UK...asked if I could help come up with some stories for them, or
      provide material from myh notes, proofread the manuscripts, make
      corrections, maybe write an intro, and do lots of other stuff...and I
      said okay, great, what are you going to pay for my work?

      At first, silence. As if they were stunned that I would actually ask
      to be paid for my time and work. Then finally, they came back
      with...five hundred bucks per book.

      To which I responded, "You have GOT to be kidding me."

      I have, subsequently, washed my hands of the Mongoose books. I haven't
      seen anything, don't know what they're doing, so sure as hell it ain't

      This is getting annoyingly commonplace. I got an email from the Warner
      Bros. division handling the German DVD superbox, for instance, wherein
      they said, very happily, that they were figuring on getting maybe six
      to ten million bucks for this new edition, and would I help them to
      make sure everything was right, to consult with them on the design, the
      packaging, the text, the artwork, the docs, a bunch of stuff. So I
      said, again not unreasonably, "And what is WB's standard fee for this

      To which WB responded that they don't pay people for the honor to be
      involved in these DVDs. But he's getting paid, the guy who did the
      artwork is getting paid, the only person who's not getting paid is the
      guy who made it. So I declined. They replied with ominous words
      suggesting that it would be bad if I let the fans down...but I don't
      bow down for emotional blackmail.

      Writing is a job no less than being a carpenter. All a writer has, at
      the end of the day, is time, energy and visceral material. And right
      now, there's an awful lot going on career wise, and my free time is at
      a premium. You pay for someone's time if you have them consult, or
      write, or research for you, or if you otherwise engage their
      professional services. That is pro forma for every profession on the
      planet...except, it seems, for writing, where they think you're so glad
      to be asked to the ball that you'll go along with being treated




      irgendiwe versteh ich den guten jms - irgendwie auch nich - naja mal schauen was die bücher bringen



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        hier eine stimme von mogoose publishing zum thema

        Title: Re: JMS: Re: Babylon 5 Universe Novels?
        Author: "Matthew Sprange" <>
        Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:34:21 +0000 (UTC)
        Message-ID: <dj6fs1$r8n$>

        > At first, silence. As if they were stunned that I would actually ask
        > to be paid for my time and work. Then finally, they came back
        > with...five hundred bucks per book.
        > To which I responded, "You have GOT to be kidding me."
        > I have, subsequently, washed my hands of the Mongoose books. I haven't
        > seen anything, don't know what they're doing, so sure as hell it ain't
        > canonical.

        Hi guys,

        Okay, I have a slightly different recollection of events. There was no
        silence at first - we had quite a rapid exchange of emails. I never
        expected anyone to work on this project for free but I believe I was very
        honest when I said I had no idea what your time was _worth_. No idea.
        None. Never worked with anyone in your position before. Furthermore, that
        offer was not the final one - we offered 10% of the revenue, the same
        portion that Warner Brothers gets for the novels.

        That is when the silence kicked in - you did not get back to us, did not
        discuss it. We could have tried to work something out.

        The important thing to remember here is that Mongoose is not Warner
        Brothers. We are a small company employing 20 or so people. We cannot
        throw money around with abandon on any project, especially as we are limited
        to the UK market only (I believe it is Del Ray who have the US licence).
        There is no guarantee that a new range of Babylon 5 novels will prove
        successful in the UK and, at the end of the day, we have a business to run.

        To put things into perspective, if we were to print and sell an entire print
        run of, say, 10,000 novels, the profit is only a few thousand pounds after
        printing and distribution costs. That is if we sell all 10,000. Sell half
        that and we are at a loss. This is before Warner Brothers comes along and
        takes their bite, plus any percentage we offered to Mr Straczynski. I must
        point out, it is not the profit I have my eyes on with these figures but
        whether the project would end up costing more than it would bring in - which
        is obviously a huge problem with a business.

        I can say that everyone at Mongoose is greatly dedicated to Babylon 5 and,
        in our own way, we have been carrying the B5 banner for the past three years
        with our games and a range of over 20 sourcebooks. I believe (I may be
        wrong) that we have printed more Babylon 5 material than any other
        publisher. We take this universe seriously.

        I would like to extend an offer to Mr Straczynski to re-open negotiations
        and, if there is a way we can find to work together, we would like to move
        forwards. We have a lot of very exciting ideas for Babylon 5, across a
        variety of media, that we would like to discuss. We very much want to carry
        the banner further and I believe we have a lot to offer fans of the series.

        You have my email. Please give me a shout.

        Matthew Sprange
        Mongoose Publishing


        naja vieleicht solltest du / ihr einfach mal den thread (quelle) lesen


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          Hm... na da prallen ja zwei sich völlig wiedersprechende Aussagen aufeinander.
          Beide können ja nicht Recht haben, und vermutlich liegt die Wahrheit irgendwo dazwischen.
          Allerdings werden wir das wohl nie erfahren.

          Schade wäre es schon, wenn Moongoose es ernst meinen sollte, und es an JMS' Sturheit liegen würde, daß daraus nicht mehr herauskäme oder es canon-Probleme gäbe.
          Aber auf jeden Fall sehr interessant! Danke vorlon2001.


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            gern geschehen

            wollen wir hoffen, das die bücher was hermachen - spannend klingen die inhalts angaben die sich bei amazon dazu finden lassen allemal!!! und nach vier jahren ohne neues B5-material (roleplay und sourcebooks mal ausgeschlossen) fibert man auch auch trotz der querelen diesen veröffentlichungen entgegen!!!

            und auch wenn sie nich canon sein sollten können es ja verdammt gute bücher werden - schließlich findet sich auch in bei den ganzen star trek büchern der eine oder andere leckerbissen

            in diesem thread ( ) gibts übrigens auch den einen oder anderen hinweis auf die zu erwartenden B5-graphic-novels aus dem hause mongoose aber soweit ich das mitbekommen ahb ist von denen bei amazon noch nix zu finden.

            so long and thanks for the fish