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Tapping Nature’s Power

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    Tapping Nature’s Power

    World today is affected by a number of issues that seem to present more drawbacks than solutions. One such issue is the depleting fossil fuel energy. Fossil fuels which were considered to be a dominant source of energy are gradually becoming extinct. To deal with inadequate supply of fossil fuel energy, the world is slowly moving towards the renewable sources of energy. Renewable energy acts as an ideal source of energy with its ability to replenish, without getting extinct.

    Another quality of the renewable energy is that it doesn’t lead to environmental hazards. The fossil fuel energy has been alleged to cause environmental degradation on a mass scale, leading to ecological problems like green house effect and global warming.

    The renewable energy is environment friendly and does not emit any dangerous gases on combustion. The renewable energy is produced by the conversion of one type of energy into the other. The chief sources of renewable energy are the sun, wind and the ocean water. To tap the energy present in these sources is the task undertaken by organizations like the world energy research.

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