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Spoiler für Season 2 !!!!! *MEGA SPOILERALARM* !!!!!

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    Spoiler für Season 2 !!!!! *MEGA SPOILERALARM* !!!!!


    Der text ist in Englisch:

    Information about the first two episodes of Battlestar Galacticas second season are beginning to surface on a few websites. We cant 100% vouch for the authenticity of all the details, but from what weve been told, the synopses below sound reasonably accurate. The information is based upon early iterations of the stories, and naturally subject to change in subsequent versions and/or by the time the series goes into production here in Vancouver, commencing March 31.

    If you wish to be surprised, read no further; otherwise, here is what we know so far about the season two, two-part opening story:


    EPISODE 201: Scattered

    Logline: Chaos is rampant as paramedics try to save Commander Adamas life after he is shot, and the Galactica is separated from the fleet. Suspicion is cast on even the closest of allies.

    The Teaser starts with Tigh, twenty years younger, in a bar. The setting is just after the first war and hes obviously a hero but just as obviously hes got the stare going on. Two drunk grunts (Bowey and Hooper) approach Tigh and start heckling him about being a real war hero. They remind him hes not a pilot anymore. They push too far and Tigh, also tipsy, gets back in their faces. A fight starts. The bartender pulls out a shotgun but off-camera is stopped from doing anything. Tigh has Hooper in a headlock and is telling him how easy it would be to pop his neck. Off-Camera we hear: You flew Vipers?

    Im guessing this is Adama and Tighs first meeting. Tigh says he did and Adama says he did as well and then asks what Tighs plan is. Tigh admits he doesnt have one and Adama says well they could kill everyone in the bar. They then decide to let everyone go, point made. Hooper and Bowey scramble out of the bar. Adama tells Tigh not to worry, theyll have plenty of time to deal with those two candy-asses later. Adama introduces himself and tells Tigh that hes his new shipmate.

    Flash back to the present and the CIC in chaos:

    Tigh, Dualla and Lee are still holding Adama while the paramedics are working on him. Lee is crying out for Doc Cottle. The two paramedics, Layne and Kim(both male) tell them the Doc is out on rounds. They start working on Adama- lotsa medical mumbo jumbo.

    Sharon is on the ground screaming that she couldnt have done what she did. Shes being pinned by crewmen and a Marine Sgt has a gun at her head. Tigh orders him to secure that thing in the tightest compartment they have. They yank Sharon up by her hair and start to cart her away. The paramedics announce that Adama is stable enough to move.

    Captain Kelly(yep, I believe the officer from the mini that disappeared for all of season 1) asks Tigh if this could be a pre-cursor for a Cylon attack. Tigh isnt paying attention however, eyes only on Adama. The stretcher with Adama on it passes Boomer and she screams out, No.....

    Lee starts to follow the stretcher but the Marine Sgt steps in the way. At the same time Tigh is talking with Racetrack and Kelly, trying to ascertain if the Cylons could have found them. Everyone is talking at once, Lee is pleading to be allowed to go with his father.

    Gaeta announces a Cylon Raider approaching. Sharon suddenly screams out, upping the chaos level. Kelly says they need to jump. Tigh makes the decision, jump they will. The Doctor will have to be met up with on the other side of the jump. Gaeta asks what about the people on the planet, Tigh says that if they are still alive, they will have to wait.

    The next scene is in the Brig. Cpl Venner march Lee in. Roslin is there. He tells her what happened to his father and who did it. He demands to have his chains removed but the corporal tells him not until he calms down. Lee kicks the cell door as the Marine exits. Roslin asks how bad Adama is, says Cottle is a great doc. Just then Ds voice comes over the speaker and announces the jump. Lee tells her Cottles not on board.

    The jump completes and Gaeta notes that they appear to be the only ship that jumped. Theyre alone.

    Adama is hooked to monitors, pale and not doing great. Tigh enters and asks how he is. Layne tells him the bullet tore up his spleen and hes got heavy internal bleeding. They need Cottle immediately. Tigh tells him its going to be awhile and says that Layne is going to have to do it. The paramedic protests saying hes never done surgery before. Tigh replies, And Ive never commanded a Battlestar.

    Theres the beginning of a brief scene between Dualla and Gaeta in the head. Hes upset and D is telling him that its not his fault.

    Lee is out in his Viper, pissed as all hell and flying very recklessly. Hes described as beserk.

    Corporal Venner, the brig guard approaches Roslin and asks her to pray with him. She takes his hand.

    The lights and electronics on Galactica are going haywire. Kim and Layne are with Adama- Kim announces that his heart has stopped. They cant defib because of unsteady power. Layne decides to operate.

    There is apparently some kind of virus in the system playing hide and seek and Gaeta and Kelly are trying to hunt it down.

    Billy is down in the brig watching Roslin pray with Venner.

    Lees still fighting holy hell out in space.

    Somehow or another they manage to locate the rest of the fleet and Tigh orders Dee to get Cottle brought over.

    We flashback again to the past. Tighs a little older. Hes in a seedy hotel room, pretty tore up. Ellen is asleep in the bed and there are bottles everywhere. Hes described as being at the end of his rope.

    He sees his medals on the ground. He tosses lighter fluid all over them and in his drunken state, all over his sheets and self. He ignites his lighter and is about to set everything ablaze when a knock interrupts him.

    The man at the door is Sgt Watkins of Shore Patrol. He asks Tigh to open up. He does and sees two Colonial Marines standing there. Tigh asks what the charges are.

    Watkins tells him there are no charges and that Major Adama sends his compliments and wishes for Tigh to know that he has been reinstated in the Colonial Fleet with the rank of Captain.

    Tigh is amazed, wishes the Sgt well. Ellen blearily asks whats going on. Tigh just smiles.

    The last bit we have for this is Tigh standing over Adamas bed. Hes made it through the surgery.

    I do believe however that this is a two-parter at the very least. The camera shot numbers carry over in that manner.

    SPOILERS included!

    EPISODE 202: Valley Of Darkness

    Logline: Cylon Centurions board the Galactica and wreak havoc, and Lee leads a team of Marines to try and stop them.

    Corporal Venner is protecting Billy and Roslin. Something very bad is going on. Lee enters and tells him not to shoot, says he has a fire team with him. Lee enters with two Marines, Collishaw and Bonnington. They declare the brig clear. All of them show signs of being wounded.

    Roslin asks Lee whats going on- he tells her theyve been boarded, Cylons got in through the hanger deck and shot the place to hell. Lee orders Venner to release Roslin. Venner protests saying his orders...Lee says frak your orders...they start shouting. Roslin says gentlemen and they both shut up instantly. Roslin uses his religious beliefs to persuade the Corporal to release her. Lee says that the safest place on the ship is sickbay and thats where Roslin is going. He asks for a sidearm and Bonnington hands one over. Lee asks Billy if hes even handled a weapon. Billy answers that he had an airgun when he was ten. Lee tells him the principle is the same, real ones just make a louder noise. He offers Roslin his own gun, she declines. He orders Venner to get Roslin and Billy to Sickbay. Roslin asks where hes going and he declares that hes not going to let the Cylons destroy the ship.

    Lee decides that theyre going to need heavier artillery and then theyre heading for the magazines- he thinks thats where the Cylons are headed.

    Roslin and Apollo wish each other good luck.

    Tigh is racing through dark corridors ordering people to their stations. He enters the CIC where Gaeta and Kelly are working on a deckplan. They indicate where there are reports of conflict and gunfire.

    Tigh is on the phone with Ellen. They each say they love each other and he hangs up. Ellen grabs a gun and hides in a locker.

    Lee is pressed against a bulkhead. As they move down the corridor they see a disemboweled corpse. Lee tells the Marine to keep his eyes straight ahead.

    They come up to a weapons locker and find another dead Marine. Theres a moment and they see Jammer(?) cowering in the corner. Lee asks him what hes doing and the kid babbles about Cylons killing everybody. Lee tells everyone to load up, the Cylons are heading towards them.

    Tigh tells Apollo to get to Aft Damage Control Right Frakking Now(Lee repeats Aft Damage Control AFN) or the whole ship will be lost.

    Roslins group enters an empty bathroom. Dualla is with them now and shes at least slightly hurt. Maybe a head injury. Billy puts her on the ground. She sees the gun in his waistband and asks him if its his. He says it is now. She tells him that when he has it in his trousers like that, he might want to put the safety on. Billy blushes, she reaches out and clicks the safety on. She says its the closest shes been to sex in three months.

    The Marines in the group are trying to use a back-hatch through the bathroom to get to Sickbay but its been de-pressurized. Venner says the best way is to head towards Aft Damage Control.

    One of the Marines Lee has been traveling with is shot and killed. Theyre in the middle of a firefight with the Centurions. Roslin and her group begin diving for cover under boxes and crates. Venner is shielding Roslin with his body.

    Lees group retreats a few steps to address a few injuries. They ask him what to do next. Lee says they go after the Cylons again. Jammer protests and Lee tells him its either that or violent decompression. One of the Centurions is working the decompression panel in Aft Damage Control.

    In the CIC the crew is getting into some kinds of suits and decompressing. Tigh still hasnt done it yet. Gaeta comes up to him and tells him he should really put his suit on. Tigh says no. Gaeta says there wont be much time but Tigh dismisses him.

    Roslin wants to help Lee and the Marines but Venner insists that his mission is to get her to Sickbay and thats final.

    Lee and Collishaw explode a grenade and jump to escape the blowback. Then theres silence.

    Doesnt look like Venner got very far. He moves over and sees Roslin behind boxes, thinks shes dead. Shes not. Dualla and Billy are okay as well. Venner pulls Roslin up, sees her jacket has been shot numerous times but shes okay. He says, The gods...really are watching over you.

    She replies,Good. Thats good.

    Dualla takes the gun from Billy.....

    So say we all

    Eine nette Story.
    Wenn es so wird, dann haben wir auf jeden Fall eine sehr spannend beginnende zweite Staffel. Leider steht nichts über Starbuck drin....aber ein bisschen Überraschung muss ja bleiben.
    Hier stelle ich mich vor.....
    Mein Hobby, mein Forum...


      Ich habs mir nicht durchgelesen. Aber ich habe läuten hören, daß die Storylines von Galactica und Caprica jetzt immer in getrennten Episoden einzeln bleuchtet werden. Kann das jemand bestätigen?
      HOFFNUNG ist alles!


        Jein. Zumindest zwei der Folgen scheint hauptsächlich oder größtenteils auf Caprica zu spielen. Aber das heißt noch nichts.
        Ich glaube jedenfalls nicht, dass es dabei ausschließlich um Caprica geht


        SCATTERED- Ep. No. 201:
        Chaos is rampant as paramedics try to save Commander Adama's life after he is shot, and the Galactica is separated from the fleet. Suspicion is cast on even the closest of allies.

        VALLEY OF DARKNESS- Ep. No. 202:
        Cylon Centurions board the Galactica and wreak havoc, and Lee leads a team of Marines to try and stop them.

        FRAGGED- Ep. No. 203:
        As Commander Adama lays near death, Colonel Tigh must face the civilian government -- who fear the commander was instigating a coup by arresting President Roslin.

        RESISTANCE- Ep. No. 204:
        Kara and Helo fall in with a group of humans who have survived on Caprica and started a resistance movement.

        THE FARM- Ep. No. 205:
        Kara is shot and wakes up in a remote hospital facility on Caprica, and learns that her friendly doctor has his own plans for her future.
        "Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway" - Lee Adama, Scar
        Throughout history the nexus between man and machine has spun some of the most dramatic, compelling and entertaining fiction." - The Hybrid, The Passage


          mehr spoiler:

          This Associate Editor revealed a number of Season 2 spoilers from the new Battlestar Galactica series premiering on SCI-FI this upcoming July 15th. He announced the information on Shaunomac's Subject2Discussion show at lvrocks.

          SPOILERS are included in this article, so only continue if you want to know what occurs in Season 2......

          First up, Tarn (who dies in Episode 202) is the name Alonso Oyarzun (Specialist Socinus) picked for unnamed cast members. Seelix is another name Alonso uses for these insignificant figures who are comparable to the red-shirted individuals who always died on the original Star Trek series.

          Second, Richard Hatch is coming back as Tom Zarek in Episode #203 and is signed on for 6 of the first 10 episodes of Season 2. It is safe to say he will be in the majority of the Battlestar Galactica episodes.

          With respect to more detailed episode synopses for Season 2, Lee will free Laura Roslin from prison and take her down to the planet Kobol in #204 ("Resistance"). Some of the Cylon Plan will be revealed in #205 ("The Farm"): apparently, the Cylons cannot reproduce and so require the bodies of human females to implant their hybrid embryos.

          Finally, the spoiler of greatest interest is that contained in #210-211 ( a two-parter): namely, the Galactica comes across another Battlestar which had escaped the destruction of the colonies. It can be assumed that this Battlestar is the Pegasus under the command of Cain. Ron Moore has repeatedly stated he would like to reimage the "Living Legend" story line from the original series, and this will probably be his attempt to do so. Here's hoping that more information will be provided on this two-parter in the upcoming months.

          Stay tuned for more news items on SCI-FI's groundbreaking series, Battlestar: Galactica, which has a 20 episode run for its second season.


          Scheint so als ob die Folgen 210-211 sehr interessant werden....
          So say we all


            Als erstes freue ich mich das Richard Hatch wieder mit dabei ist.

            Auf die Folgen 210 und 211 habe ich von Anfang an gehofft.
            In US-Foren wird hierüber auch am meisten spekuliert.
            Unter anderem wie das andere Schiff überlebt hat, ob es ein Kampfstern oder ein Zerstörer ist, ob es überhaupt die Pegasus ist (wegen der rechtlichen Situation) und ob das Schiff eine Begleitflotte hat. Auch wir viel darüber gerätselt ob Cain ein Mann oder eine Frau, ein weißer oder ein schwartzer, ein Kriegsheld oder ein Feigling ist. Und wer in die Rollen von Cain, Sheba und Bojay schlüpft ist auch ein viel diskutiertes Thema. Hier wurden als Cain unteranderem Dirk Benedict, Herb Jefferson J., James Earl Jones, Jeff und Beau Bridges(Söhne von Lloyd Bridges), George Clooney, Tom Selleck, Nick Nolte, Scott Bakula, Vaughn Armstrong, Jeffrey Combs, Samuel L. Jackson, John M. Jackson(JAG), Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Kiefer Sutherland, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, William Shatner, Christopher Lee und einige Frauen wie z.B.: Anne Lockhart, Claudia Black (Farscape), Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), Jamie Lee Curtis und Sigourney Weaver vorgeschlagen, wirklich in Frage kommen nur wenige, ich fände Jeff Bridges oder einen aus der originall Serie nicht schlecht aber es kommen noch viel mehr in Frage. Die Schauspieler die die Rollen von Sheba und Bojay übernehmen sollen werden kaum diskutiert, hier wurden Famke Janssen, Rosario Dawson und Sarah Clarkefür die Rolle der Sheba und Daniel Dae Kim als Bojay genannt.
            Diese beiden Folgen bieten also eine Menge Diskusionsstoff und viel Platz zum spekulieren.
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              Bei Sci Fi Wire hat sich Moore über die zweite Staffel geäußert (Achtung Spoiler!)

              More Galactica Deaths Coming?

              Will more characters die in the upcoming second season of SCI FI Channel's original series Battlestar Galactica? That's what series creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore told SCI FI Wire in an interview at EnigmaCon at the University of California, Los Angeles, on May 28.

              "Yes, there are a couple of familiar faces that will go down for the count," Moore said cryptically, without identifying the doomed characters. He added: "I would say the events of the end of last season [mark] the beginning of this season."

              Among other things, Moore said: "Adama's [Edward James Olmos] shot. There's people stranded on Kobol. Kara's [Katee Sackhoff] back on Caprica. Those storylines continue; all those continue. I would say we don't wrap up season one until episode seven. Adama is not back on his feet anytime soon. Commander Tigh [Michael Hogan] is in charge of Galactica. Laura [Roslyn, played by Mary McDonnell,] is in jail. There's a meteor crisis that follows the cliffhanger, and Tigh kind of steers them through that crisis successfully. But, you know, Tigh, he's probably the guy you don't want in charge."

              Moore said that cast and crew are in the process of shooting the sixth episode of the second season in Vancouver, B.C. "We have scripts for the first 10 episodes," he added. "The 11th should be in this week, and we have the stories for the first 14."

              Moore offered additional spoilers for the second season's arc. "Things begin to unravel when [Tigh's] in charge of the fleet. He declares martial law at a certain point. There is an incident where he sends the troops to get supplies, because the ships are withholding supplies from Galactica. He says enough is enough and sends out the troops, and an incident happens, and people get killed. They shoot a bunch of civilians. It's a whole nightmare, and Laura starts an insurrection and the fleet divides. There's a lot of fallout from the events of the last season." Battlestar Galactica returns July 15 and will air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

              Das sich die Flotte teilt habe ich schon gehört, das soll woll in den Folgen 10 und 11 passieren wo man auf den anderen Kampfstern (Pegasus?) trifft, der zweite Kampfstern soll woll auch eine Flotte von zivielen UND militärischen Schiffen anführen die sich neu aufteilen.
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                Hier ein paar infos über die ersten 3 Episoden der 2. Staffel von Scifiwire.

                "Scattered" (season premiere)
                With Adama (Edward James Olmos) mortally wounded and Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) in the brig, Tigh (Michael Hogan) faces his first test of leadership: reuniting Galactica with the rest of the fleet.

                "Valley of Darkness"
                Tigh (Michael Hogan) must work with Lee (Jamie Bamber) to defeat a Cylon boarding party that threatens to take over Galactica and destroy the fleet.

                The return of democracy to the fleet brings with it both hardball politics and potentially deadly intrigue. Special guest star Richard Hatch (TV's original "Apollo").
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                  Mähhh will mehr, will mehr, das macht shcon wieder richtig Laune auf das kommende.. danke dir für die Infos


                    Hier Infos über die ersten 5 Folgen von

                    2.01 Scattered

                    Nach dem Anschalg auf Commander Adama ist dieser schwer verwundet und wird womöglich sterben. Die Crew gibt sich die größte Mühe dies zu verhindert, obwohl große Panik ausbricht und ein weiteres Problem auftaucht - die Battlestar Galactica ist von der restlichen Flotte getrennt.

                    2.02 Valley Of Darkness

                    Es gelingt einigen Cylonen an Board der Galactica zu gelangen und große Verwüstungen anzurichten. Lee Adama versucht mit einem Stoßtrupp die Feinde abzuweheren und so größere Schäden zu verhindern.

                    2.03 Fragged

                    Commander Adam schwebt nach dem Attentat immer noch in Lebensgefahr und kämpf mit dem Tod. Währendessen muss sich Colonel Tigh dem Gericht für die Inhaftierung der Präsidentin Roslin verantworten, da dieses befürchtet, dass durch diese Inhaftierung ein Militärpunsch stattfinden sollte.

                    2.04 Resistance

                    Helo und Kara gelingt es auf Caprica weitere Menschen ausfindig zu machen, die nicht evakuiert wurden aber dennoch überlebt haben. Zusammen mit diesen Menschen beginnen Helo und Kara eine neue Richtung einzuschlagen. Sie versuchen nun nicht nur ständig vor den Cylonen davonzulaufen, sondern beginnen mit der Verteidigung und Gegenwehr.

                    2.05 The Farm

                    Während eines Angriff wird Kara getroffen und verwundet. Als sie wieder zu sich kommt muss sie feststellen, dass sich nicht mehr dort befindet wo sie angeschossen wurde. Sie befindet sich nämlich in einem Krankenhaus. Der Arzt der sie dort behandelt hat tat dies aber nicht aus uneigennützigen Zwecken, der er hat seine eigenen Pläne für Kara's Zukunft.
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                      Ich frage mich nur wie Starbuck zurück zur Galactica kommt. Und ob es für Helo und die anderen überlebenden auch eine Möglichkeit gibt sich der Galactica anzuschliessen oder ob zumindest ein dauerhafter Kontakt möglich ist um die Zurückgelassenen zu unterstützen.
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                        Möglich ist alles.. nur das wie.. ich hoffe das sie sich da eine besonderst dramatische aber gute story drüber einfallen lassen.... und logisch bitte... bitte bitttttääää logisch.. sniff..


                          Da der ganze thread im Grunde iein spiler ist werde ich mir das Spoilerverstecken jetzt sparen.... der Titel des Thread ist aus meiner Sicht warnung genug.

                          Neue Spoiler:

                          First up, they are looking for a female to play the commander of the other battlestar in Episode 210. Questions naturally arise as to whether this will be the reimaged Commander Cain? And who will the actress be to play this pivotal role?

                          Aha wenn swirklich die Pegasus ist, dann dürfte Cain wohl auch "ge-Starbuckt" worden sein...

                          Next, the Sneak Peek of BSG's Season 2 showed Adama holding a baby on the planet Kobol. This is actually a vision that Baltar is experiencing. Adama is still recovering from his wounds aboard the Galactica and will not be on his feet until the fifth or sixth episode. Moreover, Baltar's and Six's baby is described as being a "mystical" child. In an interview with James Callis and Tricia Helfer in this month's issue of SCI-FI magazine (August 2005), Callis had this to say about the baby: "At the moment, it's a spectral projection. It will materialize into reality when the entities that bring that about kind of get together...It's a bit's there, and it isn't at the moment, for it will be...It is the shape of things to come."

                          A very satisfying spoiler that was announced had to do with the theme song for Season 2. Because US fans on several new series boards preferred the UK theme over the US one, SCI FI will be using a variation of the UK theme. The mystical chanting will be there, but not the drum beats at the end.

                          Finally, TVGuide just announced that Lucy Lawless (of Xena: Warrior Princess fame) will be in several episodes of Battlestar Galactica, playing a female reporter similar to CNN's Christiane Amanpour. Speculation arose as to whether Lawless will be one of the two new Cylon models to be introduced this season.

                          To recap, a female Cain(?), a spectral Cylon-human hybrid, the UK theme for Season 2, and Lawless as a Colonial reporter are promised for the new Battlestar Galactica series. As details continue to unfold, they will be reported at Flight Deck.
                          So say we all


                            Next, the Sneak Peek of BSG's Season 2 showed Adama holding a baby on the planet Kobol. This is actually a vision that Baltar is experiencing
                            Gut. Das dachte ich mir schon.
                            Es soll das Baby von Boomer und Helo sein. Aber die ist erst am Anfang der Schwangerschaft. Somit wäre es unsinning, dass die Szene real ist

                            A very satisfying spoiler that was announced had to do with the theme song for Season 2. Because US fans on several new series boards preferred the UK theme over the US one, SCI FI will be using a variation of the UK theme. The mystical chanting will be there, but not the drum beats at the end.
                            Der Trommelwirbel am Ende gehört auch nicht direkt zum Theme, sondern zur Vorschau. Der Übergang dahin ist das einzige was am US Intro besser war.
                            Hoffentlich wird dann auch die UK Video Sequenz verwendet
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                            "Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway" - Lee Adama, Scar
                            Throughout history the nexus between man and machine has spun some of the most dramatic, compelling and entertaining fiction." - The Hybrid, The Passage


                              Cain wird eine Frau.
                              Was soll man dazu sagen? Spekuliert wurde darüber ja schon länger.
                              Bin mal gespannt ob Cain "nur" ge-Starbuckt wird oder ob auch seine Art geändert wird.
                              Und damit steht ja wohl fest das Dirc Benedicht nicht Cain wird, was sehr erleichternd auf mich wirkt.
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