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Opapatika Thailaendischer Action/Fantasyfilm

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    Opapatika Thailaendischer Action/Fantasyfilm


    Opapatika is a form of living that is obtained a kind of special power to make one becomes invincible. The power remains as long as that person is still alive. The film aims to 5 Opapatikas who have their own unique power to summon. They live in contrast and meet in the middle of a great assassination that finally brings them loss, but a new start of their lives.

    Cast & Characters:
    Somchai Khemklad... Jirat
    Chakrit Yamnam... Paison
    Ray Macdonald... Aroot
    Atip Nana... Ramil
    Kemaupsorn Sirisukka... Pran
    Pongpat Wachirabunjong... Thoovathit
    Thanakorn Pongsuwan

    Auf den freue ich mich schon besonders, der Film startet am 23 Oktober in Thailand. Keine Ahnung ob der es jemals nach Deutschland schafft. Aber ich werde ihn mir spaeter sowieso als ImportDVD holen.
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