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Chat-Thread 3: AOL-Chat mit J.K. Rowling (17.10.2000)

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    Chat-Thread 3: AOL-Chat mit J.K. Rowling (17.10.2000)

    So - nun kommt der dritte Thread mit einer Zusammenfassung eines Chatprotokolls eines Chats mit J.K. Rwoling, der AUtorin von "Harry Potter".

    1. Chat vom 03.02.00
    2. Chat vom 16.10.00

    Besonders (IMHO) interessante Infos werde ich wieder fett schreiben.

    Der in diesem Thread in Auszügen wiedergegebene Chat fand am 17.10.2000 statt (Veranstalter: AOL) - also ein paar Monate nach Erscheinen von "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" und einen Tag nach dem anderen Chat...

    Und wieder gilt: Dieser Chat enthält Informationen aus den Büchern 1-4 - und möglicherweise noch mehr! Daher: SPOILERALARM!

    Viel Spaß!


    "Ms. Rowling, do you think that making a Harry Potter movie will help people understand the books better or will it ruin the imagination for the books?"

    JKR: "I don't think people need help understanding the books... I hope the film will be really good and not disappoint the fans - personally I can't wait to watch Quidditch
    "What did James and Lily Potter do when they were alive?"

    JKR: "well, I can't go into too much detail, because you're going to find out in future books but James inherited plenty of money, so didn't need a well-paid profession you'll find out more about both Harry's parents later"
    "If YOU went to Hogwarts, which house would they put you in?"

    JKR: "[...] well, I'd hope for Gryffindor obviously, but I suspect they might want to put me in Ravenclaw"
    "Ms. Rowling, where do you come up with those names of the characters, like Quidditch?"

    JKR: "Quidditch is a name I invented. I just wanted a word which began with the letter 'Q' (I don't know why, it was just a whim). Many of the names are taken from maps - for instance, Snape, which is an English village."
    "Ms. Rowling, have you ever made a map or blueprint of the school?"

    JKR: "no... because all those staircases keep shifting around and rooms pop out of nowhere... and stuff just moves too much... but I have got a notebook that reminds me what floor everything is on - just to keep track of course, if anything moves, I can blame it on magic, not my mistakes."
    "J&L asks: What do you think of the people who want to ban your books?"

    JKR: "I think they are...... erm..... what's a good word?
    ...misguided. I think these are very moral books. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but not to impose their views on others!
    "Narri asks: Does the animal one turns into as an animagi reflect your personality?"

    JKR: "very well deduced, Narri! I personally would like to think that I would transform into an otter, which is my favourite animal
    imagine how horrible it would be if I turned out to be a cockroach
    "Jasmine asks: When is Hermione's birthday?"

    JKR: "Hermione's birthday is September 19th"
    "Why did Dumbledore have a look of triumph in his eyes at the end of Book b4?"

    JKR: "good question.... excellent question in fact - and like all the best questions I get asked I can't answer it! because it would give too much away. however, well-spotted
    have fun guessing... someone's bound to get it right!"
    "Why do some wizards/witches become ghosts and others don't?"
    JKR: "another superb question - and this time I can tell you that you will find out much more about that in book five"
    "Ms. Rowling, after the first book, you stopped converting English words to American words, is there any reason for this?"

    JKR: "actually, we didn't stop... but the number of words that were changed has been greatly exaggerated! we only ever changed a word when it had a different meaning in'American' - for instance, the word 'jumper', which in in England means 'sweater' and here, I believe, is something that only little girls wear!
    "I think the color of Harry's eyes will matter in the books to come. Yes?"

    JKR: "Hmmmm..... maybe!"
    "Ms. Rowling, will Voldemort ever die?"

    JKR: "Do you really really think I will answer that?!"

    "Does everyone have a little magic in them? Even if they are Muggles? And if not, how did Magic start?"

    JKR: "I think we do (outside the books) - but within my books - do you really think there's any magic in Uncle Vernon?
    magic is one of those odd talents which some have and some don't"
    "Ms. Rowling, what's your favorite spell?"

    JKR: "My favourite spell (so far) is 'expecto patronum' - the spell that conjures the Patronus"
    "Is there ever going to be FEMALE Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher?"

    JKR: "Emily, I can exclusively reveal (because I'm feeling guilty I'm not answering so many good questions) that there WILL be"[/b]
    !!! Und WIEDER ein neuer Lehrer in diesem Fach...

    "Ms. Rowling, will Voldemort ways rise again, such as Muggle killings?"

    JKR: "well, his temper hasn't exactly improved while he's been away, has it? so I think we can safely say, yes"
    "Several people ask: Why stop at 7 books when you could make up Harry's whole life?"

    JKR: "I notice you're very confident that he's not going to die!"
    *g* *vbg*

    "Why did you make Quirrell the bad guy instead of Snape?"

    JKR: "because I know all about Snape, and he wasn't about to put on a turban"
    "Ron and Hermoine give Harry gifts.... Does he ever give them birthday presents?"

    JKR: "Yes, Harry does buy presents back! but I've never focused on their birthdays yet - there hasn't been room!"
    "Ms. Rowling, which character besides Harry is your favorite and why?"

    JKR: "I think that would have to be Hagrid but I love Ron and Hermione too and I also love writing characters like Gilderoy Lockhart, Snape, the Dursleys... it's such fun doing horrible things to them"
    "Will we be seeing Lupin any time soon?"

    JKR: "Yes, Harry will be seeing Lupin again - he's another of my favourite characters"

    "MANY ask: Can you say ANYTHING about the next book?"

    JKR: "yes... it probably won't be as long as book four
    it will be scary
    Harry finds out a lot of things he hasn't stumbled across so far"
    "In fact, you're doing two SHORT books that are coming out in March. Tell us about them."

    JKR: "Yes, I've written 'Quidditch Through the Ages' and 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them'
    - all proceeds will go to Comic Relief UK to help famine relief and other projects in Africa. they'll be available in March of next year -so book early!!! you'll be saving lives... good magic![/b]
    (Copyright 2000 America Online, Inc. All )

    Viele Grüße,
    "Noch nie hat ein X irgendwo, irgendwann einen bedeutenden Punkt markiert...."

    "Das X markiert den Punkt...!"

    Wiedermal ein sehr interessantes Transkript und diesmal sogar ein paar Infos mehr...

    Das mit den Eltern war ja klar. Das mit dem Verliess bei Gringotts ist ja schon ein deutlicher Hinweis auf ein großes Vermögen.
    (Vielleicht war er ja Quidditch Spieler bei ManU oder Arsenal )

    Hermines Geburtstag ist eine nette Info...

    Das mit der weiblichen Lehrerin in Verteidigung gegen die schwarzen Künste ist auch ne Überraschung. Naja, DASS es einen neuen Lehrer gibt nicht, daß es wohl in Buch 5 schon eine Frau sein wird... Wieso auch nicht! Oder traut hier wer MacGonagall nicht zu sich verteidigen zu können?

    Aber daß Buch 5 kürzer werden wird ist IMO ne Ente Gezielte Falschinformation
    »We do sincerely hope you'll all enjoy the show, and please remember people, that no matter who you are, and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same. You, me, them, everybody!«


      Glaub ich auch nicht das Buch 5 kürzer werden soll. Es hieß doch immer es soll noch länger werden!
      Naja, wir werden sehen. Hauptsache es wird wieder so gut.

      Also das der wirklich gefragt hat ob Voldemort jemals stirbt....
      War doch logisch das sie DAS sicher nicht verrät. Das wäre doch oberlangweilig!!!!!!!!!!!



        wäre aber auch doof, wenn nach Buch 7 noch immer so ein Ekel durch die Welt spuken würde finde ich

        Und daß Buch 5 kürzer werden soll hat JKR gesagt nicht ich Aber glauben tu ich das auch nicht
        »We do sincerely hope you'll all enjoy the show, and please remember people, that no matter who you are, and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same. You, me, them, everybody!«


          Original geschrieben von Sternengucker
          wäre aber auch doof, wenn nach Buch 7 noch immer so ein Ekel durch die Welt spuken würde finde ich
          Und was ist wenn sie doch noch ein 8. Buch schreibt? Das Gerücht geht ja zZ auch ziemlich um. Und bei ihr weiß man ja auch nie so recht. Sie ist doch immer für einen Schocker gut.