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Baens Planet steht zur Besiedlung offen!

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    Baens Planet steht zur Besiedlung offen!

    Ich gebe Euch einfach mal den Text auf der Startseite:

    Zitat von Baens Planet
    Hail, Galactic Pioneer!

    Welcome to the wild frontier of galactic civilization. You are the leader of a newly founded colony on an anarchic, government-free planet.

    You start with 500 settlers and a dream. Your goal: to start a settlement, a freehold, from scratch and to make a go of it on this rough-and-tumble world in an even tougher universe.

    You win Planet Baen by surviving and prospering.

    Can you do it?

    Sure you can. You’re a born leader with interplanetary pioneering written in your destiny.

    How you make it through is another matter — one we’ve left entirely up to you.

    And what else do you get in the bargain?

    Free ebooks!

    Play the game, earn free ebooks from

    While you read, you can return to the game, of course — to earn even more free ebooks by leveling up, completing projects, and forming alliances with other players!
    Und wo in den Weiten des All ... äh, Internets, findet Ihr den Planet Baen? Natürlich hier!
    Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.
    (Dr. Samuel Johnson)

    Main problem with troubleshooting is: trouble shoots back (Quelle: Google+)