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Richard LeParmentier ist tot.

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    Richard LeParmentier ist tot.

    LeParmentier spielte meist kleinere Rollen, doch seine Auftritte blieben im Gedächtnis. So spielte er u.a. in "Space: 1999", "Rollerball", "The People that Time forgot", "Superman II", "Octopussy" und "Who framed Roger Rabbit" (in letzterem spielte er Lt. Santino, siehe Bild). Seinen bekanntesten und erinnerungswürdigsten Auftritt hatte er jedoch als Darth Vaders erstes Tele-Würge-Opfer in "Star Wars Episode IV: A new Hope":

    YouTube| Star Wars Episode IV: "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

    LeParmentier starb am Dienstag, dem 16. April 2013, im Alter von 66 Jahren.
    Waldorf: "Say, this Thread ain't half bad."
    Stalter: "Nope, it's all bad."

    "Nur" 66 Jahre ist doch relativ jung. Darf man fragen woran er gestorben ist?


      Ich fand nur die Info, dass es sehr plötzlich geschah, bei einem Besuch bei seiner Familie in den USA.

      Hier die Mitteilung seiner Familie:
      Every time we find someone’s lack of faith disturbing, we’ll think of him.

      At age 66, Richard Le Parmentier is one with the Force. We’re deeply grateful to the many devoted fans who have posted personal remembrances of our dad as a warm, genuine person with an unparalleled joie de vivre and gift for friendship (not to mention a mean petanque player). To his fans and friends, his lines were the ultimate power in the universe. He absolutely loved traveling the world and meeting his friends and fellow Star Wars fan – whose tributes have given us all the best lines in this message. He told us many stories of the hospitality he enjoyed. He usually lived in Bath, England, but was visiting us in Austin, Texas. We feel very lucky to have been able to spend time with him on a regular basis. He was no respecter of convention, except comic conventions. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Richard was a talented actor and director whose career spanned four decades and dozens of projects. He edited another draft of his latest project two days before death, with its sorcerer’s ways, took him from us. He has gone to the Stars, and he will be missed. We love you dad, and thank you to everyone. Love, Rhiannon, Stephanie, and Tyrone Le Parmentier.



        Mein Beileid an die verbliebenen