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A Unicorn - Adventure (FanFic)

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    A Unicorn - Adventure (FanFic)

    The Doctor and Arthur the Horse reached another section of
    the Planet they had landed on .

    When he heard a strange sound
    he followed the noise to find out what`s going on there.

    Suddenly he was stopped by an electric Fence.
    There was a sign with strange letters on it.

    Because his connection with his TARDIS he could read the words
    on the sign (Warning - No Trespassing - Authorized Personnel only).

    Now he wanted to know what`s going on here even more.
    He jumped with Arthur over the Fence still following the

    He watched a man catching an Unicorn.

    He followed the man with the Unicorn to some sort of
    open Stone Hall.
    The Unicorn was so frightened that the man nearly
    couldn`t handle it.

    After leading the new caught Unicorn away he
    brought in another one.

    The man left two Guards to watch over the Unicorns

    The Doctor sneaked behind the Guards to the Unicorns.

    The Unicorn watched nervously the stranger
    coming towards it

    With his Sonic Screwdriver the Doctor cut the Ropes
    and released the Unicorns.

    He followed the Unicorns with Arthur and watched them
    disappearing into Freedom

    Satisfied he retuned with Arthur to his TARDIS

    -The End-
    Hope you enjoyed my Story
    You`ll never forget Your first Doctor
    - Doctor Who -