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Encyclopaedia on Science Fiction Cinema

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    Encyclopaedia on Science Fiction Cinema

    Hopefully there are some English speakers on this forum. I have set up a blog for a project - an encyclopaedia on Science Fiction cinema, which will cover every Science Fiction film produced from the 1890s (when the first Sci-Fi short was released) to the present day. I had originally intended this project to be in book form, with the encyclopaedia to be written in volumes according to year, so there would be complete coverage on the films. However, because of the current publishing climate, I have (at the moment) decided that the encyclopaedia would work as an online project. I am at the early stage of the project, conducting primary research, and so there are many variables, including format which have to be looked at.

    This project will cover English-speaking and foreign language films, and that will obviously include films from German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. When one thinks of German Science Fiction cinema, one would usually think of Fritz Lang's ''Metropolis'' (1927), Fassbinder's ''World on a Wire'' (Welt am Draht; 1973), and East German (DEFA) productions such as ''The Silent Star'' (Der schweigende Stern; 1960), ''Eolomea'' (1972) and ''In the Dust of the Stars'' (Im Staub der Sterne; 1976). On the other hand, records indicate that only a handful of Science Fiction films have been produced in Austria and Switzerland.

    I intend this project as a collaborative effort, and in this case I would like those who are interested to collaborate with me in creating listologies for German, Austrian and Swiss-produced Science Fiction films. This listology is to encompass theatrical films, made-for-TV movies, and films of different running times from short films to feature length films.

    The listologies are to include genuine Science Fiction films, crossover (or hybrid genre) films i.e. a Science Fiction/Horror hybrid, and films with a Science Fiction element(s)/gimmick/plot device. Needless to say, Science Fiction films from all sub-genres of the genre are to be included.

    There are several theories as far as TV movies are concerned - on IMDb, an individual TV movie runs up to two episodes, while Leslie Halliwell and Philip Purser have a different theory. Halliwell and Purser argue that a TV miniseries tends to ''appear in four to six episodes of various lengths'', indicating that any number of episodes below four qualify as a TV movie.

    When it comes to writing the German listology, it should be made clear which films were produced in West Germany (BRD) and East Germany (DDR).

    If anyone is interested in collaborating with me on the listology, please get in touch.

    The blog for the project can be accessed on this link: Sci-Fi Cinema Project. This was not the first blog set up for the project, as the previous blogs had to be shut down due to technical difficulties.
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