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Fleet ops the Collective

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    Fleet ops the Collective

    Hi there and a happy new year.

    As you might already have guessed from the headline our todays news post is about the current development of our most famous Borg Collective.

    The Borg in v3 will feature a ton of brand new and unique game play and graphical features. While the game play features are still in development and balancing we captured a few screen shots to give you a feeling how the new Borg will look like.

    Thats the basic Borg Cube as you know it from Voyager. Both model detail and textures have been greatly improved over Armada II or Fleet Operations Beta 2.

    A Borg Sphere. There will be more than one version of the Sphere. Some of them do also include the deflector dish you may have seen in a few Voyager episodes.

    Borg incoming. Stay tuned

    Schaun die Cuben ned geil aus
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    "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.""No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom. by Optimus Prime

    Das is ja ne hammer-geile Grafik! Da kann ich nur ein Wort sagen: NEED!!!
    Wir sind die Borg! Wiederstand ist Spannung durch Stromstärke...